Agile at the Source

Don’t just learn how to work Agile – learn how to become Agile.  No matter where you are on your Agile adventure, we are here to help you create an Agile mindset. Only then can you really make agility work and profit from the many benefits Agile has to offer. If you are not really used to work Agile, you can learn this. Learn from the best, learn from the source. Meet our thought leaders:

 ‘’It’s people that makes the difference, over and over again! Agile, in its very essence, is an interaction concept. Basic participation and interaction techniques make Agile work and additional tools can make it excel, but the fundament is in the interaction between people. At Weniversity we provide you with the tools and techniques to improve collaboration and communication.”

 ‘’We should celebrate learning, not success or failures. In a transformational organisation, leadership has a fundamentally different role than in traditional organisations. At Weniversity we train and guide current and future leaders on how to ‘manage’ an empowered workforce of creative workers in times of continuous change.”

Jurgen is making workshops again! Check it out here

 ‘’My dream is to help create a world in which the vast majority of people go home every day feeling fulfilled by their work. Together with talented and inspired experts, I am building WeNation, the first Innovation Ecosystem in the world, where we continuously challenge inertia, believe Cooperation is the key to the Future and unleash the potential of people and their businesses.”