Learning path to support the Agile Center

Learning path to support the Agile Center


Insurance Company




140 People through trainings and 3000 through digital learning


Build business functions with the principles of agility to allow better collaboration with already agile technical teams. Be able to deploy on a large scale, outside the French borders (First batch: 3000 employees). Reinvent the rhythms of learning and propose a differentiating and playful approach.


0 Slide Trainings: Product Owner, Scrum Master, Agile Principles
Digital Learning: Choose a digital learning solution that is accessible to all employees, whether or not they are co-located. Make the approach funnier in order to make the content more accessible and make people want to learn more about agility.

Results achieved

Enhanced the skills of the international group of 3000 people in a 6-weeks campaign by 2020

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