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Apart from our open courses listed on our courses page, we also provide all those course incompany. If you are looking for courses that will support the Agile transformation in your company or if you want to refresh your incompany knowledge, we have the training for you.

Incompany training is great because you will have the ability to pick the course that suits you and your colleagues best. If you are not sure which course to choose please let us help you out. We can tailor-made any course you like, the way you like.


You can always request an offer for an in-company training free of charge and without any obligation.

In any case, custom courses and tracks are negotiable, please contact us to know more!


All our Masterclasses, Labs and Meetups are also provided on location in an in-house basis.

Apart from our open trainings, we also provide incompany trainings for all the subjects listed on the training page. Whether you’re looking for trainings that will support your Agile transformation or if you want to refresh your incompany knowledge, we’ve got just the training for you. Of course, custom trainings and tracks are negotiable, so contact us to know more!