Agile requirements and Testing

In the modern Agile organizations we are working in, requirements are no longer the up-front, detailed, fully specified and excessively complete documents we might remember from the past. Modern Agile Requirements are about describing behavior in just enough detail and just in time, so we are able to create small frequent releases and gather feedback as soon as possible.

This demands a different approach in collecting, analyzing, maintaining and prioritizing requirements. Keep in mind, our requirements are closely related to automated testing. We need some basic understanding of automated testing in order to write great requirements.


  • What are requirements?
  • Why do we need requirements?
  • Types of requirements
  • Story mapping
  • Impact mapping
  • COCD Box
  • Adding details in your requirements
  • Relationship to testing
  • User stories explained
  • Slicing User stories
  • What is testing
  • Testing Manifesto
  • Relation to requirements
  • Types of testing
  • When to apply which type of testing
  • Testing in the organization
  • Make your test plan Agile


In this active hands-on training we will determine:

  • What Agile requirements are
  • How they differ from traditional requirements
  • Why we need them
  • How we can organize workshops to gather them
  • How we can describe them

With this, we will discover how we can use these requirements and workshops to create small, frequent releases and adjust our requirements based on the feedback from those releases.

We will also find out that requirements and testing our closely related, one can simply not exist without the other. We will also explore different types of testing, when to apply those types and how they are related to your requirements.

These insights will help you to understand a test plan and how to consider this in your Agile development cycle.

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