Facilitation for Agilists

Agile has been on the market for over 15 years. More organizations are entering into Agile transformations, promoting a different way of approaching cooperation, teamwork and leadership. In this new way of working people make all the difference.

Agilists have to learn and practice how to design and lead high quality sessions. This is where we face a new challenge: too often Agilists “facilitate” without understanding the skills and competencies needed for facilitation. Leading Agile transformations requires specific facilitation competencies and the development of new models of collaborative leadership.

These competencies have been identified and described by IAF – the International Association of Facilitators. Arie van Bennekum, one of the authors of the Agile Manifesto, was an early adopter of the IAF-competencies for facilitation and has combined the areas of Agility and Facilitation for over 2 decades.


    Day 1
  • Positioning the facilitator
  • Preparing a workshop
  • The facilitator’s dashboard
  • The 6 Axis of Facilitation
    Day 2
  • The various angles of group dynamics
  • Intervention techniques
  • Group development models
  • Communication styles
  • The facilitator’s toolbox: facilitation methods and approaches


During this training you will practice the facilitation of Agile rituals, allowing you to get a structured feedback and value in each session. To this extent, you will gain advanced knowledge of the underlying mechanisms in each team, applying the 6 axis of facilitation to influence team dynamics. Various facilitation techniques will be demonstrated and practiced during exercises, focussing on management, as well as the team level.
In order to maximize the insight taken from this training, you will reflect and improve your existing skills, expanding them with knowledge about self-organization and dynamics that apply to any team you encounter.

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