Management 3.0

Learn about a new approach to lead and manage Agile organisations. Agile management is an often-overlooked part of Agile. When organisations adopt Agile, not only team members and project managers need to learn new practices, but managers and leaders must also learn a new approach to managing and leading Agile organisations. Attending a Management 3.0 workshop will give people insight in the new role of management in an Agile organisation.


Day 1

  • You will learn about Management and Leadership:
    • Management styles, 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0
    • What are the disadvantages and advantages of the different styles?
    • What is the role of a manager in a Management 3.0 environment
  • You will learn about Complexity Thinking:
    • Eight guidelines to deal with complexity
  • You will learn to Energize People – Motivation and Engagement:
    • You will learn the difference between extrinsic vs. intrinsic motivation
    • The ten intrinsic desires
    • Techniques to discover what is important for your team members
  • You will learn to Empower Teams – Delegation and Empowerment:
    • Seven levels of delegation
    • Authority boards
    • How to implement the seven levels of delegation

Day 2:

  • You will learn to Align Constraints – Values and Culture:
    • How to help your team to discover their values
    • How to make these values live, instead of being just decorations
  • You will learn to Develop Competence – Learning and Competence:
    • How to make teams discover their own strengths
    • Where to focus on next improvements in their competence development by using the Competence Development Matrix.
  • You will learn to Grow Structure – Scaling organisational Structure:
    • How to balance specialisation and generalisation
    • How to choose between functional and cross-functional teams
    • Informal leadership
    • The advantage of people selecting their own job titles
    • Treating teams as value units in a value network.
  • You will learn to Improve Everything – Success and Failure:
    • Do you celebrate failure or do you celebrate success?
    • Why conducting experiments is important
    • Which organisational structure is best suited to conduct experiments

Who should attend?

This course is designed for managers and leaders who want to learn about how to manage Agile organisations. People who want to know how to contribute to become a great Agile Organisation. Everyone who wants to manage for Happiness.

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