The (Agile) Coaching Stance

«Today, I am certified Coach, black belt of each framework, but I struggle in my organization …»
Does this accurately reasons within you? Then this training experience is for you! During two days, we will take a moment to create a learning group and to model together the posture of coach.
You are curious and want to go further in your role, book your place for the session «The (Agile) Coaching Stance» by the Weniversity.
Educational objective: Go beyond the tools and methods of the agile coach to adopt the posture of coach – Peer exchanges


Day 1

Creation of the collective, alignment of expectations and definition of the cooperation framework.

  • Open questioning:
    • Study and debate on the modus operandi of open questioning, reformulation without projection and interpretation
    • Introduction to the low posture
    • => Practical workshop: “Listening and reformulation by peer”
  • Inspiring testimonial:
    • The art of coaching in theory
    • => Practical workshop “Restitution in subgroups”
  • Quality of presence:
    • Sensitization to the question of presence (self / other): bodily, physical and emotional
    • => Practical Workshop “In Space”
  • My perception and its influence on my environment:
    • Karpman, Drivers, Iceberg, limiting beliefs, worldview, values, logical levels of Dilts, dynamic spiral …
    • Growth and Fixed mindset
    • => Practical workshop around a tool to experiment

Day 2

Feedbacks on the learnings of the day before
Evolution of expectations by participant

  • Delegated roles:
    • => Opening workshop “Our values, my posture”:
    • How agile principles and values nourish the role of coach?
    • => “The caps” workshop:
    • Understand the different possible roles of the agile coach: Posture of coach and consultant, posture of coach and agile leader?
  • The principles of the Systemic:
    • => Workshop “The ball of wool”:
    • Theoretical contribution and principles: My responsibility of coach in the system that I accompany
  • Synthesis and commitment:
    • => Personal reflection “My future commitments”:
    • How to put the lessons into practice?

Who should attend?

Coaches working in an agile environment – Maximum 12 people

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