Digital Learning

Agile awareness

Pedagogical objectives:

Align your employees around a common reference framework across physical boundaries

Agile awareness invites your employees to discover and learn about agile approaches. By laying the foundations of agile principles and values, we anticipate a more global future transformation. More than learning methods and techniques, this training is intended to instill a common Agile culture.

The fundamentals of Agile – Values and principles

The different Agile approaches – Scrum, Kanban…

Agile in organizations – simulation and role-playing

The Agile “mindset” – Being Agile before doing Agile

Format: 30 minutes


  • Accessible on all devices
  • Compatible with xAPI / SCORM
  • Available offline


  • Real-time monitoring of learners
  • GDPR compliant application
  • Automatic generation of training certificates


  • Custom application in your company’s colours